Ray Simon Fine Art

Ray Simon is a renowned artist nationally recognized for his patriotic, family, religious and sports paintings.   Many of his paintings have been commissioned and are on display in our nation’s military, government and religious institutions.   His works have been publicized by Newsweek, Time and The Associated Press.

Ray’s paintings are recognized for his powerful imagery and thematic content captured in life-like detail.  More than that, Ray’s paintings tell a heart-felt story not easily captured by a single medium, which is why each painting includes a meaningful and poignant quote.  Ray also provides an interpretation for each of his works, allowing the viewer to understand the composition of symbolism and meaning from the artists point of view.

Ray has also developed a technique where some of his paintings may be customized with a personal photograph, enhancing the meaning and tribute aspect of the work, while maintaining the artistic integrity.  The resulting painting becomes a family treasure to be enjoyed by generations.

His artwork of Personalized Tribute Paintings honors those who have responded to America’s highest calling: the preservation of liberty and service to our great republic.  These works include paintings for the US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters as well as motherhood & fatherhood.
As an artist, Ray Simon blends his deep love and reverence for American culture with his talent to create timeless inspiration at the intersection of life and art.  One does not search the art to find meaning, rather it is life’s meaning that is the inspiration for the art.  The paintings of Ray Simon honor a life well lived, and a country well loved.
You can learn more about Ray Simon by visiting his website: www.raysimonart.com

Ray Simon’s paintings are on display in:
•    The White House,
•    The Pentagon
•    The Ohio Senate
•    Ft. Knox, Ft. Hood, Ft. Bragg & Ft. Benning
•    The Pro Football Hall of Fame
•    ST. Paul’s Cathedral (Pittsburgh)
•    The Veterans Administration
•    And many more locations

Ray Simon’s Artwork has been commissioned by:
•    The National Football League
•    Pro Football Hall of Fame
•    The National Hockey League
•    The U.S.  Department of Defense
•    WWII Battlement Commission
•    The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Committee
•    The United States Army and its Annual Audie Murphy Award
•    The United States Air Force
•    The United States Navy
•    The United States Marine Corps
•    The United States Veterans Administration
•    The Annual National Law Enforcement Memorial
•    The Annual National Firefighters Memorial
•    Various Police and Fire Departments Nationwide

2 thoughts on “Ray Simon Fine Art

  1. Absolutely Stunning! Love each and every painting. Thank you for your unwavering
    Patriotism. You are richly blessed and much appreciated Mr. Simon.

  2. hey I saw your paintings and I really love them. I am also a portrait painter. I worked for years as the Archivist for the national park service department of the interior publications division. I’ve seen many wonderful artists but I like the fact that in your paintings I see your mind working. Thank you for choosing to paint if you’re ever in the DC area I live in West Virginia, and I always love to meet a fellow painter. My name is Teri Magnante.

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