SBMC Welcome Home

SBMC Welcome Home is a federally recognized charity within the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In early 2013, Philadelphia’s mayor declared that as many as one-third of all the city’s estimated 30,000 homeless were Veterans. So the various chapters of Second Brigade MC decided to host various food, amenity and clothing drives. Additionally we raised funds through various charitable activities and ultimately connected several non-profit organizations to these Veterans to not only get them off the street, but back up on their feet. By 2016, a census of the city’s population determined that there were virtually no more homeless Veterans on the streets of Philadelphia. We continue our mission to support these brave Men and Women to this very day.

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  1. It was over 30,000 Homeless/low income Veterans within 5 1/2 years were helped to move forward adjusting to their New Civilian life.
    Credit Earned to all AMERICANS who Love OUR Country!!!


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